Who we are

Czech Union for Supported Employment (CzUSE) was established in 2000 to facilitate the development of Supported Employment (SE) in Czech Republic by formulation and promoting idea of SE.


There are concrete objectives of CzUSE


  • To associate providers and promoters of SE in Czech Republic.
  • To develop a methodology of SE in accordance with the stipulations of the European Union of SE and to continuously
    •        update this methodology as new insights and experiences are gained.
    • To support the establishment and development of new SE providers.
    • To promote and advocate SE as a service without which an open society cannot function well.
    • To be an active member of the European Union of SE.
    • To promote learning in the area of SE with special emphasis on the needs of the CzUSE members.
    • To relate to and interact with the Central and State institutions of the Czech Republic, with representatives of the non - government sector, businesses etc  


CzUSE is a member of European Union of Supported Employment since 2001.

CzUSE mainly associates supported employment providers of the Czech Republic.