Process of Supported Employment

  • The support is provided according to individual needs and priorities of applicants/workers.
  • The support is time-limited.
  • The support is continuous, i.e. it covers the phase of getting as well as keeping the employment.
  • The merit of the support rests in the personal professional aid provided by workers of the provider. Workplace support is considered a common element of the support.
  • The aim of the provided support is to enable applicants/workers to get and keep suitable employment on the open labor market and to increase the level of their self-sufficiency
  • The provider is able to coordinate its services with family help and follow-up services that could affect getting and keeping the suitable employment.
  • The worksite support is provided in a way that is deemed natural.
  • The support aims at development of natural support at the workplace.
  • The support provides the applicants/workers with opportunities to actively participate in job search, employment contract negotiations, and determination of the support intensity.
    If required, an employer is provided with professional aid during the enrolment and follow-up phases.
  • The provided positions are positions on the open labor market.
    Workplaces are not the sheltered workshops, as defined in the applicable laws
  • The employment acquired by the workers is stable.
  • The acquired positions correspond with needs, skills and abilities of the workers, and facilitate their professional development.
  • The workers work under equal labor conditions.For their work, the workers receive remuneration comparable with other workers of the same employer or with the average wage at the similar position in the given region.
  • The workplace enables the social inclusion of the workers.
    The workers' opportunity to meet co-workers and/or customers is comparable with that of other workers of the employer.
  • The provided support results in development of applicants/workers' skills and knowledge necessary for getting and keeping an employment.
  • Upon the termination of the support, the applicants/workers' skills and knowledge have increased comparing with the level at the beginning of the service.